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Latest 2018 BML2 Project Publication

Design2158 What BML2 will do for

Kent and Tunbridge wells

The 14pp report can be downloaded for viewing and printing by clicking on the image. Please circulate to friends and colleagues and if appropriate, to local Tunbridge Wells and Kent councillors.









Important BML2 Information, Facts, Figures and News Reports


South East demands a bigger trainset

crowded Brighton Station


Creaking at the seams –

the South East rail network needs radical expansion

The current network across London and the South East needs massive investment with once-busy routes in Sussex and Kent reopening.


A new government initiative ‘Market Led Proposals’ is inviting private sector investors to come forward, claiming it is ‘keen to encourage new partners for infrastructure development’


BML2’s London Phase will serve central London at Canary Wharf, the Chinese-backed massive Royal Albert Docks redevelopment and the ‘new town’ east of the City – and area where housing, commerce and high-tech is booming.


We need more track and more trains. Network Rail admits ‘years of under-investment’ has led to today’s problems for services ‘which are amongst the heaviest used - and of the highest criticality - in the country.’


Brighton still has no secondary route and the line’s complete closure south of Three Bridges for nine consecutive days this October and again next February will be sorely felt.


There’s no hope for Kent either. Having warned that five additional peak services will soon be needed, Network Rail concludes: ‘There is little capacity for any additional services into London’ and says once it has exhausted lengthening trains then it is stumped for a solution.


Government is demanding councils build thousands more homes hereabouts, whilst closed lines remain shut – the situation is critical.


We cannot manage with the existing trainset.


The private sector is seriously backing the project and a partnership between government, investors and Network Rail to build BML2 is long overdue. Let’s see some leadership.


For more details CLICK HERE to read the full article



The Grand Vision for Tunbridge Wells


The Grand Vision for Tunbridge Wells


The latest report entitled "What BML2 will do for Kent and Tunbridge Wells", lays bare the importance of Tunbridge Wells Central and West stations within the BML2 Project's overall plan to significantly increase capacity and reliability of the railway infrastructure from London to the South East Coast.


The 14pp report can be downloaded for viewing and printing. Please circulate to your friends and colleagues and where appropriate, to your local Tunbridge Wells and Kent councillors.


For more details CLICK HERE to read the full article

BML2 will serve capital’s ‘super hub’

City and Canary Wharf Skyline


“The combination of the City and Canary Wharf makes London the number-one financial centre in the world”
– Sir George Iacobescu.


Sir George Iacobescu, chief executive of the Canary Wharf Group, predicts: “The City and Canary Wharf will become one.” Business here generates over £36bn p.a.


London’s Estates Gazette reports: ‘Private investors are backing a new Crossrail-style high-speed line from Stansted to Brighton which could help unlock the delivery of 100,000 homes.’


A tunnelled speedy link between Croydon and Stratford through the ‘super-hub’ is the investors’ proposal, including removing “both the project construction risk and the capital cost of the finished project from the government’s balance sheet.” Gatwick Airport would be just four stops from Canary Wharf and the Isle of Dogs.


Emily Williams, Research Analyst at Savills, says: “In short, better connectivity in the form of new railway lines mean better PTAL ratings” – [increases land values]


Estates Gazette recognises BML2 would ‘increase capacity from the south coast to London and enable commuters to travel direct to Canary Wharf and Stratford, locations that have seen a huge increase in homes and jobs in recent years.’


Two new main lines from Brighton and from Tunbridge Wells would be recreated – Transport Secretary Chris Grayling says he’d be “delighted” to see this happen and hopes BML2 is “successful”.


For more details CLICK HERE to read the full article


£15 BILLION private investment for BML2

Thanks solely to the long-running Wealden Line Campaign, inaugurated in 1986, Surrey, Sussex, Kent and Greater London are in the extremely envious position of having two main lines serving the capital reopened.

Every serious threat over the past thirty years, including large retail outlets, residential accommodation, industrial unit encroachment, gyratory road schemes and a few others, has been vigorously fought – and won.


At its recent AGM, tribute was paid to its faithful and long-standing members, as well as those councils and Members of Parliament who have stood by the campaign’s aims despite all the odds and in the face of such adversity.


Accordingly it was with great pleasure that Lewes MP Maria Caulfield was, on Wednesday 29 November, able to stand up in the House of Commons during a debate to directly address the Secretary of State for Transport and ask:


“Can I specifically ask on the line reopening because we have the Lewes to Uckfield line in my constituency with the BML2 scheme that could be opened very, very easily, which would improve connectivity and put towns like Seaford and Newhaven on a mainline for the first time. We have private investors willing to put up over £15 billion to fund that. Would the Secretary of State use that scheme as one of the first to illustrate what really can be done?”


In a positively warm and welcoming manner Chris Grayling responded:


“My Honourable Friend knows that I met the investors who are interested in pursuing this project, I have said that I am very open to doing so, I’m waiting with ........



 For more details CLICK HERE to read the full article