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Important BML2 Information, Facts, Figures and News Reports


Brighton Main Line 2 championed in Parliament

Brighton Train Line in dire trouble


“The main line from Brighton is in dire trouble.

It struggles and creaks through inadequate capacity.”

- Caroline Lucas MP 


The pressing need for Brighton Main Line 2 has been proclaimed in Parliament (9 Jan).


Green MP Caroline Lucas (Brighton Pavilion) said: “We need more capacity, with a second line from Brighton to London.”


Conservative MP (Brighton Kemptown) Simon Kirby said commuters “have simply had enough” telling Parliament he’s backing Brighton Main Line 2 because – “It would provide a new line between Brighton and the capital avoiding the bottleneck that is Croydon.”


He added: “I received assurances from the previous Rail Minister that the Government were considering Brighton Main Line 2 as a potential solution.”


Caroline Lucas warned: “The main line from Brighton is in dire trouble. It struggles and creaks through inadequate capacity.”


Fearing the Government’s adherence to High Speed 2 – its “massively expensive vanity project” – she said “we do not want to wait for the crumbs from the table” adding “We need some real vision and commitment to get Brighton the second London line that we so desperately need. It is essential to have not only increased capacity, but a fast alternative route for passengers at times of disruption.”


Transport Minister Stephen Hammond confirmed: “The Department received a draft in December of the report [the London & South Coast Rail Study] which was carried out by Network Rail—and I expect to see a final version within the next couple of months.”


To continue and read the full article CLICK HERE

Sussex MP exposes a Government deficient of rail solutions

Sussex Overcrowding


The South desperately needs a larger rail network

for more trains to operate


Transport Minister Stephen Hammond has told Brighton MP Caroline Lucas that double deck trains are no substitute for HS2, or a solution to Brighton Line congestion.


Although Government is committed to spending £50bn increasing capacity north of London, it won’t invest in the south.


We agree with Network Rail’s Double Deck Study (2007). Converting the Brighton Line wouldn’t work.


Mr Hammond – whose Department’s aspiration is for no passengers standing for over 20 minutes – told Caroline Lucas “longer conventional trains” are needed. But this is papering over the cracks.


Three years ago Network Rail reported: “there is already peak-hour standing from Haywards Heath on existing 12-car trains”


Promises of ‘jam tomorrow’ with the new Thameslink trains won’t help either, because these will have “fewer seats and greater standing capacity compared to conventional rolling stock.” – Network Rail (2010).


The south needs a bigger rail network.


Network Rail says “the East Croydon area represents a major barrier to further growth” and want “a new route that does not involve the congested East Croydon corridor”


They suggest: “a scheme that removed Fast line services from the existing Brighton Main Line somewhere in the Croydon area would be the ultimate capacity generator”


Isn’t it about time the Government and the DfT took BML2 seriously?


To continue and read the full article CLICK HERE

Lib Dems attempt to derail London & South East rail plan

Former electrified railway through Croydon


The former electrified railway through Croydon, closed in 1983, is a key component of BML2. (photo courtesy Mr. Feakins)   
‘We believe the work we have done has scuppered it, but it is still being taken seriously in the press.’Croydon Liberal Democrats


With help from Norman Baker MP, Croydon Liberal Democrats say they have scuppered BML2.


They report: 'Minister Norman Baker MP voiced opposition after visiting the area at the invitation of Croydon Lib Dems.’


BML2’s proposed junction to enable Brighton Main Line and Gatwick trains to reach East London – ‘have been condemned by Croydon Liberal Democrats and rejected by Lib Dem Transport Minister Norman Baker MP.’


They claim: ‘The new rail line from Brighton to Canary Wharf would tear through the quiet suburbs of Uckfield, South Croydon and Lloyd Park in an effort to bypass central Croydon’ and say it’s ‘a line to nowhere.’


Nowhere? – hardly an apt description of the UK’s premier financial and business location.
The Lib Dems describe BML2 as ‘pointless’ but many people think it has more going for it than the proposed Crossrail 2.


Instead they suggest more platforms at East Croydon and more flyovers north thereof.


But Network Rail says congested East Croydon will remain a major barrier to further growth.


Outgoing rail minister Simon Burns said: ‘I think that the threat of a major new rail junction in the South Croydon area in the foreseeable future is extremely remote.’


Nevertheless, as former British Prime Minister Harold Wilson once famously remarked: “A week in politics is a long time”.


To continue and read the full article CLICK HERE

DfT response shows HS2 WILL consume all other major rail funding

South London's wasting asset 

“Like all Government budgets, the rail budget is under great strain and can ill-afford to take on new major projects at this time.” – Department for Transport
Photo courtesy Disused stations


Alastair Darling seems proved right about “foolish” HS2.


About Brighton Main Line 2 the DfT says: “Whether or not a major infrastructure project has a good business case matters not if it is unaffordable. Like all Government budgets, the rail budget is under great strain and can ill-afford to take on new major projects at this time.”


Lord Mandelson warned HS2 would detract funding from vital projects – whilst even its advocate Lord Adonis said of BML2: “it is stark staring obvious that the second mainline to London is needed”


The DfT says: “Ministers have determined that the top priority for rail investment in forthcoming years is the High Speed 2 line north from London to Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds. It is barely conceivable that Government would venture to promote another major rail project in the near future, especially given the huge challenge there has been to both the value-for-money and environmental cases for HS2. There is no doubt that Brighton Main Line 2 would be subjected to similar challenge if the Government were to adopt and promote the idea and it is less easy to see how a business case as strong as the case for HS2 might be constructed to support the BML2 proposition.”


Whereas the Government ignores Camden residents and others along HS2’s route whose homes will be razed, the DfT says: “We have started to receive correspondence from people in the south Croydon and Selsdon areas beseeching Ministers not to entertain the notion that a new main line might be driven through the area.” However, BML2 merely reopens a South London railway, closed in 1983, and without demolition.


Outgoing LibDem Transport Minister Norman Baker, a keen supporter of HS2, recently said more tunnelling would mitigate HS2’s impact. Yet he strongly opposes BML2’s tunnel through his Sussex constituency outskirts so more trains serve Brighton: “It would be very, very expensive, it would also be very controversial – and the last thing we want is a controversial line” he told the BBC.


To continue and read the full article CLICK HERE