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Important BML2 Information, Facts, Figures and News Reports


City backs Brighton Main Line 2

City backs Brighton Main Line 2


Speaking exclusively to the Brighton Main Line 2 Project, Lord Bassam says he believes: “Labour’s successful addition of BML2 to the City Plan underlines the importance of ensuring good rail links to the South East’s most popular destination. This is one that works and could quickly get off the ground, injecting millions into Sussex and the South Coast.”

Conservative MP Simon Kirby (Brighton Kemptown) also greatly welcomes the city’s decision, declaring: “BML2 would provide a much-needed economic boost to the area and a much-needed alternative rail service for commuters, business and leisure travellers alike. This is an improvement that has long been awaited and it is time to make progress.”

Cllr Gill Mitchell told us: “The city needs to reduce pressure on the existing main line and expand rail capacity between Sussex and London. It would benefit the environment, the Amex Stadium and the city’s economy.”

And Labour’s Transport Spokesman Cllr Alan Robins says: “It will be one of the most important political decisions to be made for Sussex in the next few years.”

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Network Rail Sussex Route Plan reveals need for BML2

What does Network Rail’s new Business Plan really mean for the South?

The Brighton Main Line (BML) is the busiest and most congested route in the network. 51,000 commuters use it daily – projected to be 66,000 by 2022. Its infrastructure is wearing out faster than ever, but renewal is difficult for engineers with only two hours per night ‘working time’.

Eight severe constraints impede expansion and growth between Brighton and London – but potential solutions won’t be considered until after 2020.


Gatwick is demanding far better connections, whereas Network Rail wants new cross-London links and is predicting an 83% increase in demand to London Bridge.

The BML is full-up says Network Rail, whilst disruptions and delays will continue.

New and longer Thameslink trains in 2018 will fall victim to BML’s constraints, especially as Network Rail admits “there is no compliant diversionary route for the Brighton Line.”

The South needs Brighton Main Line 2 and Project Manager Brian Hart commented: “BML2 will happen – and we’ll wonder why we didn’t do it sooner.”


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McLoughlin denies sell-off a threat to Brighton Main Line 2

Grove Junction SoldLand (coloured yellow) including the trackbed seen in the diagram and on which the train is running to Sussex in the picture has now been sold.  



Strategic railway land at Tunbridge Wells needed for the Kent Phase of Brighton Main Line 2 has been sold by a charity – which was given the half-mile trackbed in 2001 for £1.

However, the Secretary of State for Transport, Patrick McLoughlin, has told Tunbridge Wells MP Greg Clark: “The former railway formation has the protection provided by clause 11.1 of the Conveyance. Therefore, should there be a future decision to construct Brighton Main Line 2, the sale of this land would make it no less likely.”

Meanwhile in Sussex, a councillor has suggested £750k “at most” rather that the £3m - £4m for Uckfield station site.

However, British Rail was offered £650k on the open market twenty-five years ago – then viewed as “a minimum” whilst plans for a 100+ space commuter car park in 2006 were abandoned after Network Rail was quoted the multi-million pound sum.

BML2 Project Manager Brian Hart said: “Urgently-needed railway expansion and development for the public good is being frustrated by the Government”.  


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London needs a fast North – South rail link

Network Rail has told a Surrey MP it supports the principle of reopening the former Uckfield main line to Lewes to Brighton – but it needs a good business case.

Transport Minister and Lewes MP Norman Baker inferred Network Rail’s 2008 Study was “rubbish” but BML2’s project manager Brian Hart said it failed because the line must again also go directly into Brighton.

Hart believes BML2’ London Phase – connecting Gatwick with Stansted – through Canary Wharf and Stratford (dubbed ‘Stanwick’) will ultimately drive the project forward after the previous Rail Minister, Theresa Villiers, said the insuperable challenge was the congested routes into London Bridge.


Network Rail said “A successful proposal would show a positive business case and clear funding streams” but the campaign believes the industry needs a wider focus whereupon the tremendous advantages for the capital and London’s air operators would unlock funding.

“BML2 is needed to support Crossrail and relieve overloaded Victorian routes feeding into London’s overheating core” said Hart.

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