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George Osborne says Conservatives will examine case for BML2

Published on Tuesday, 28 April 2015 07:10

Brighton Seaford Railway


The South desperately needs a second Brighton Main Line

– not a second main line to Seaford.


George Osborne has said: "The prospective conservative MP in Lewes, Maria Caulfield, is a strong advocate for a new BML2 line into London and we will look closely at its viability."


But any second Brighton line must have direct trains running as swiftly and conveniently as possible between London and Brighton. That's impossible if all passengers have to change at Lewes.


The Brighton Line is full up, East Croydon is a major bottleneck – and there's no spare capacity at London termini – let alone through the Thameslink core.


BML2's new direct line into both Brighton and Lewes is essential to provide an alternative to the grossly-overloaded Brighton Line as train and passenger volumes would increase enormously.


The Chancellor said the South Coast was – "a part of the country so often ignored, or left behind under previous governments".


He pledged to: "examine a second Brighton main line that could help to ease congestion, speed-up journeys and provide regular direct trains to London from Seaford and Newhaven."


But former Transport Minister Norman Baker, now defending his Lewes seat was scornful: "Saying he is backing something weeks before the election is frankly a desperate attempt to get some votes. Tories are spraying money and promises around as they are losing the election. George Osborne's words are simply a lot of pre-election hot air that means nothing."


Mr Baker has steadfastly opposed BML2 – and Brighton being directly connected to it. Following his false claims in the media about BML2 "requiring a massive tunnel under the town with all the disruption that would cause" an online statement from the Lewes Liberal Democrats has finally admitted: 'Tunnel from Uckfield–Brighton does not.'


Problems across the South's rail network are truly profound and it's BML2 which needs investigating.


Whoever wins power after 7 May cannot afford to ignore it any longer.


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