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BML2 response to Gibb Report BML2 response to 2017 Gibb report

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Important BML2 Information, Facts, Figures and News Reports

Grayling invites funders for Brighton Main Line 2

London and South Coast Rail Corridor Study


The Transport Secretary has met with promoters of the BML2

concept and encouraged them to continue to develop

their proposals for it to be delivered and funded privately.

Publication of the Government’s ‘London and South Coast Rail Corridor Study’ has been long delayed, whilst publications such as The Times declared: ‘Plans for a new railway line between London and the south coast have been scrapped because it would be too expensive’.


In fact, events of the past twelve months have surpassed the report’s objective – to examine a case for Government funding a new main line between London and the Sussex Coast.


During 2016 the London & Southern Counties Railway Consortium (LSCR) was established to arrange delivering BML2 for the nation.


In response to the latest study a spokesman said:
“We are delighted that the Government has signalled its support for a private sector solution to solve capacity issues on the Brighton mainline.”


LSCR intends developing a new route introducing greater capacity for the millions of daily commuters and has been working with international investors to supply 100% of the capital.


The Consortium sees increasing Government appetite for private investment in UK infrastructure as the ideal opportunity to reposition the dedicated work of the Wealden Line Campaign’s Brighton Main Line 2 project, elevating it onto a fully professional, project footing.  LSCR has engaged with leading companies who have global expertise in infrastructure, economics, property and financing – transforming the scheme from a good idea to a thoroughly realistic proposition.


An LSCR spokesman said: “In BML2 we perceived a project of real value which could, if taken forward by professional companies, deliver tangible and substantial rewards for London and the South East, the rail industry and the people who live here. It was for this reason that we wanted to be involved. We sincerely hope that with the Government’s blessing and helpful co-operation we can bring this to fruition as soon as possible.”


For more detail CLICK HERE to read the full article