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BML2 response to Gibb Report BML2 response to 2017 Gibb report

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Private sector leading the way on Brighton Main Line 2


The Daily Grind of London Commuters


The daily grind for millions of London and South East

commuters needs a multi-billion solution to transform

the grossly-overloaded network



The Labour Party’s recent manifesto boldly declared it would ‘build a new Brighton Main Line for the south-east’.


Industry journal Construction News said: ‘With passenger numbers only expected to increase, the need for solutions to the overcrowding on the Brighton Main Line will grow over this government and the next and whether under a Labour or Conservative government, through public or private money, built partially or completely, the construction of a new multi-billion-pound rail line in the South-east could be a likely solution.’


Transport Secretary Chris Grayling is currently awaiting private sector proposals to fund, build and deliver BML2 – which has been radically transformed to provide a fast tunnelled link between Croydon, Canary Wharf and Stratford.


Meetings between investors, legal experts and developers are continuing, whilst engineers and construction companies have come forward to offer their expertise. Detailed design work is anticipated to commence later this summer.


Meanwhile, Network Rail’s latest Kent Route Study says: ‘there are no clear or simple options to provide additional capacity into London.’ Cannon Street and Charing Cross are ‘effectively full’. However, room for five additional services into London is needed in the years ahead – but this cannot be accommodated.


This is why BML2’s Kent Phase is of such critical importance because it would provide four additional trains per hour into London and be the biggest boost imaginable to the network and the region.


As the United Kingdom stands on the threshold of a new era outside the EU and open to global markets, there has never been a better time for all concerned to come together – private investors, construction companies, the rail industry and politicians of all parties and get behind Brighton Main Line 2.


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