Latest 2017 BML2 Project Publication

BML2 response to Gibb Report BML2 response to 2017 Gibb report

Our 10pp response to the Gibb Report is now available to download for viewing or printing.

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BML2 – Essential for London's future prosperity

BML2 is essential for London and the South East's future prosperity. Traffic could flow in many directions at the Croydon/London end, providing much needed extra capacity and flexibility.

The BML2 Route Plan below, showing how it interlinks with both the Brighton Main Line and Tonbridge Main Line via a reinstated Tunbridge Wells West station. The BML2 plan is the only current project that will provide increased capacity and unlock Network Rail's stated "Major Barriers to Growth in the South East", for which Network Rail currently have no answer, other than to consider pricing people off train travel during the weekday peak period."



BML2 Route Map



The flexibility that BML2 provides at the Southern end could provide passengers with multiple choice direct destinations from Eastbourne, Seaford and Brighton. On some destinations north of London, it could also avoid having to change trains in the Central London area, thereby freeing up capacity on the London Underground lines.

As new third rail electrification is now ruled out, BML2 (from Brighton through Uckfield) would be wired for 25kv AC Overhead Line (OHL). Dual-voltage trains would be necessary to access BML2 from Eastbourne, Lewes or Seaford until converted from 750v third-rail.