bringing important railway connections together

Fast-track to growth and prosperity, a greener way of life –

and far brighter prospects for generations to come.

The most significant breakthrough towards restoring mainline rail services in Sussex, Kent and Surrey has just been unveiled in the strategy set out by Transport for the South East (TfSE).

The Wealden Line Campaign’s chairman, Cllr Duncan Bennett said: “This truly is a game-changer because no longer is the reinstatement of ‘missing links’ down to county councils, but now the focus of an immensely powerful and far-reaching influential regional authority.”

TfSE is the Sub-national Transport Body for the whole of the South East of England and represents the most heavily-populated and critically congested region in the entire UK which is the primary driver of the economy bordering London. TfSE declares it “works across boundaries, thinks long term and advocates bold action in the interest of its communities.” Aware of the phenomenal challenges ahead in terms of sustaining economic growth, social well-being, employment, far better access and not least the environment, TfSE exudes confidence in putting forward a truly gallant and ambitious plan and says:-

“This plan presents a compelling case for action for investors, including government departments – notably the Treasury and Department for Transport (DfT) – as well as private sector investors. It is written for and on the behalf of the South East’s residents, communities, businesses and political representatives.”

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