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SUSSEX ~ Ignored and left behind yet again

The Gov.UK website calls ‘Network North’ ‘a new approach to transport in the country’ and – as a consequence of abandoning HS2 –‘every region will now receive investment in the modes of transport that matter to you most.’  Well that sounds encouraging, but the devil is always in the detail.

The South East’s comparatively small £1.3bn is destined entirely for roads with nothing allocated towards easing rail’s interminable situation. Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham might care to heed what was said only a few weeks ago: ‘Network Rail’s Sussex route is among the busiest and most congested in the country, carrying 3,200 trains every weekday. Some of the oldest railway infrastructure can also be found along the Sussex route’.

But surely, Transport Minister Richard Holden meant every word at September’s Brighton conference, telling Transport for the South East delegates: ‘We’re committed to ensuring local residents can rely on a world-class transport network”. Or is it just more of the same – as former Chancellor George Osborne so famously said of Sussex: “a part of the country so often ignored or left behind under previous Governments”.....?

The abject failure to address the South East’s notorious and long-standing absent rail connections couldn’t be clearer on Gov.UK’s frontispiece. This is no oversight because they’ve been perfectly aware of this catastrophe for decades. Its omission amounts to utter contempt for this region.

Ratification of TfSE’s Plan rejoining Sussex, Kent and Surrey’s absent rail links should now be given the utmost priority.

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