bringing important railway connections together

Since its inception in 2010, the BML2 Project has evolved and even now is being further developed and enhanced.

Its principal aim is to substantially improve and enlarge the South East’s rail network by introducing new main lines whereby more services into London may operate. These new services would also usefully connect counties on both sides of the Thames by passing through the rapidly expanding eastern side of the capital.

So, despite what its name suggests, it is also a great deal more than just relieving pressure on the country's busiest and most congested rail route – the London-Brighton Line. Additionally, BML2 would not only be of great benefit to hard-pressed commuters, but would also restore valuable strategic rail links across Sussex, Surrey and Kent.

The Sussex Phase of the BML2 Project can be summarised thus:-

Restoration of Sussex’s second-most important main line. This requires reopening the seven-mile ‘missing link’ between Uckfield and Lewes to provide a new direct route from Eastbourne, Seaford & Newhaven to London via Uckfield.

The construction of Ashcombe tunnel beneath the South Downs to deliver a fast, direct link into the City of Brighton & Hove, thus making it possible to operate many more trains between London and the Sussex Coast.

Put Falmer – the home of Brighton & Hove Albion (Amex stadium) and the University of Sussex – on a main line to London. This would make these important and expanding destinations more accessible from Sussex, Surrey, Kent, London and East Anglia.

Considerably reduce pressure on the Brighton Main Line to provide better conditions for travellers rather than forcing people to stand in crowded aisles for long parts of the journey.


BML2 is in the unique position of being capable of solving many of the serious problems facing the most over-crowded routes between London, Sussex, Surrey and Kent. It also offers other opportunities to enhance the network further and strengthen the capital’s position in Europe. The focus of growth in London is gravitating eastwards, whilst the city and its environs seem set to continue their key role in the financial, commercial and tourist sector.

What has now become the BML2 Project, was the brainwave of Brian Hart who has extensive knowledge and enormous enthusiasm of the national railways in the South East corner of the UK. He was also instrumental in starting the Wealden Line Campaign many years ago, in an endeavour to get the railway line rebuilt from Lewes to Uckfield. His determination to reconnect the vast swathe of people living in the Wealden/Mid Sussex/Kent areas directly by rail to the South Coast remains undiminished to this day.

With the new Amex football stadium at Falmer for Brighton & Hove Albion, vast numbers of football supporters will need to travel to the East of Brighton and the BML2, when built, would provide ideal public transport for those coming from the Oxted/Tunbridge Wells/Crowborough and Uckfield areas. It would also make life easier for Undergraduates to get to the two Universities from these areas, and avoid possible late arrival, caused by being compelled to use buses that can often get delayed by heavy road traffic.

This is the official website of the BML2 Project that has proposed the building of two new main line railways through Kent and Sussex. This will bring much needed relief to the existing Brighton and Tonbridge Main Lines, as well as providing additional capacity and new travel opportunities throughout the extensive Wealden area.

The BML2 Project is to be fully privately funded without any financial support from taxpayers or the UK Government.

With the expansion of the London Phase into a much larger than originally anticipated multi-billion pound project, we are splitting the website into three distinct areas,  covering  Kent, Sussex and the Greater London area.

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