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bringing important railway connections together

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The very popular blog and website of Roger French "" has just published an article about the missing 7 miles of abandoned railway line between Uckfield and Lewes/Brighton.

Roger says "We must keep investing in our railway infrastructure to stand a chance of meeting net zero targets. Motorists aren’t going to be persuaded to leave the car at home if rail isn’t offering capacity and convenience and an effective alternative to driving.

Despite the Governments recently reported ‘cold feet’ over actively pursuing the ‘green agenda’ there are some significant rail projects recently completed (Crossrail) or underway: HS2 being the obvious example (aside from its ‘paused’ Euston) along with East-West Rail and the TransPennine Route Upgrade while the DfT’s Restoring Your Railway projects are also very welcome to see (eg Okehampton re-opened and the Ashington line well underway in Northumberland) as well as numerous station re-openings (seven this year alone in England and many more in progress) with Scotland’s railways also continually expanding (Levenmouth currently under construction)… so why is it that reinstating seven miles of track between Uckfield and Lewes never seems to hit the mark?"

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