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Latest Publication ~ 19th February 2019

How BML2 will benefit Sussex 720

With BML2, all Brighton line stations will gain direct connections to Canary Wharf, Stratford, Docklands and London Stansted Airport. An analysis shows that direct train journeys between Brighton and Canary Wharf could be accomplished in under an hour with 23-minutes cut from today's fastest service of 77-minutes which involves travelling via London Bridge and changing to the Jubilee Line.

It cannot be stressed enough that BML2 is not exclusively a transport decision. It should not be dependent on one political viewpoint, or one departmental verdict of government. Transport - and rail in particular - is inextricably interconnected in terms of greater employment opportunity, facilitating economic stimulus both locally and nationally, reducing road congestion and pollution, and not least of all, protecting the environment.

Because transport is so fundamentally important to a successful and thriving economy, the prosperity and welfare of Sussex and the region simply cannot be left solely to either the rail industry or the Department for Transport to determine what it deems should be provided.

To read this 18pp in-depth analysis of "How Sussex will benefit with BML2",  download your own copy of this forward-looking document which explains in more detail the enormous benefits to be gained and why politicians and a growing number of investment corporations appreciate the merits and exciting possibilities offered by the BML2 project.